New Moto Guzzi V85 Trail bike in MCN a couple of weeks ago.

Yes I know it is a rag but if it does come out I want one.
77bhp is more then my Lemon produced, more than enough.
I have tidied up a space in the garage for it.
PS, this retirement gig is great, my bank balance is still going up.
Yeeh Hah.

Sounds great Dunners, mine’s a pint! :smiley:

Enjoy your retirement Ian. More time to ride Guzzis now :sunglasses:

Can’t wait for the Roadster to follow. Hope it tips it cap to the Breva 750.

Great to hear from you again Mr D.
Glad retirement is suited to you.
Have fun

It’s not retirement it’s retarded, welcome to the club ian.


Nothing like a good bit of retardation to keep a Guzzisti brake free.

Oh dear Ian I do hope I am wrong but “forlorn” and “Hope” spring to mind!

Hope springs eternal and I still have my Breva and Belagio.

Good attitude Ian.

That works. Ok, a photoshop mock up, but good to see it in the conversation.

Strange, the swinging arm is on the left but the photo does not to have been reversed as the badges are the right way round. :confused:

That’s how I knew it was shopped. Look at the riders foot rest and gear change.

So will we see you at the Scottish Ian, been a while? BTW halfpenny’s are no longer accepted up here :smiley:

I have never met a Dunmore - how exciting.

An Early morning sighting of a Dunmore requires a cast iron constitution

Off topic alert.