New Sump - more oil?

Hi All,Â
recently fitted a new recessed filter sump from Gutsibits for my T4. 3L of oil brings it to the very bottom of the dipstick. Is there any reason why I couldn’t run another 250-500mls as it is that much deeper than the original - thoughts?

Many thanks


Great to be back old girl off for MOT on FridayÂ

Get the correct length dipstick.
If you fill with the extra oil it will simply be blown out through the breathers.

+1. You need a longer dipstick. Gutsibits sell them.

+2 - ^ wot they said.

The level being lower keeps the surface away from the spinning big ends and bob weights, if they hit the oil surface (oil is sloshing about) you can get quite a shearing force believe or not. Or so I was told, or read somewhere. As well as flinging it about all over the place so that gobs of it go out the breather tube, despite it being at the top of the crankcase.


mmmmmm, had a sump extension on my Mk1 Lemans for over 20 years with the standard dipstick with no overfilling issues.
Same on my lemans 1000 thingy…
Have I really been doing it wrong all this time??Â

How much engine oil did you put in the Mk1?
Your Lemon 1000 would have come with the correct dipstick.
And if you had no issues in 20 years you can’t have been doing to much wrong except blowing out excess oil in the first 100 miles ater each oil change.