New to Moto Guzzi in Essex

Hello everyone :smiley:

Last month I bought my first ever Moto Guzzi, a Breva 750. I was looking for a BMW R65 having had an R800 in the 90s and wanted something physically smaller, ideally, and with shaft drive. Luckily my best mate was assisting me and sent me a photo and link to a Guzzi for sale. I’d never considered one for a moment, despite lusting after the Le Mans when I was in college in the late 70s. Helmet bought, took the old bike jacket and my partner gave me a lift there. Once I sat on it, started it and pootled around I thought “perfect” and my partner was grinning widely so the deal was done.

I’ve done my crap weather time when I had the R800 so I’m a fair weather biker now as much as is possible and in winter opport7nities are few but I made it along to an Essex meet and had a great time with a load of friendly guys and saw a good range of Guzzis too.

I love the bike - it’s undemanding if required, a lovely riding position for me, I can touch the ground both sides and feels straightforward and practical. However, it also sounds & looks great, is nimble, eager and as far as I’m concerned, goes like the proverbial clappers - not that I’m mostly that kind of rider. :sunglasses:

So I’m still getting familiar with it and I want to do some road training as I’m definitely rusty. The main thing though is I know I made the right choice with the bike and hope to ride and enjoy it for many years to come. Looking forward to meeting more of you as and when.


Congratulations :smiley:

Welcome to addictive Moto Guzzi ownership, you will find one Guzzi is never enough! Maybe a Le Mans after 50 years of waiting? You will need deeper pockets than you did in the 70’s. You will be made most welcome at the Essex branch meetings, see the branch section for dates and places as we move around the county, so as to be closer to some and a decent ride for others.

Enjoy your bike!

Welcome to the fold. Enjoy!

Thanks one and all for a warm welcome.

I think, just for very practical reasons, my ideal number of Guzzi bikes will remain at 1. Too many hoops to jump through, not least being no garage and no driveway!

I’ve always remembered Bike magazine’s review of the Le Mans in the late 70s: “I’d buy two - one to ride and the other to keep in the lounge as an Objet d’Art” :slight_smile: I haven’t even got room for one in the lounge …