New V7 possible front fork issue

Morning gang
Had my V7 delivered yesterday evening. Not 100% sure but think there may be an issue with the front forks/springs/ seals. Front seems very soft when moving it around and had a short ride to work and have noticed the “oil line” on one of them.
Just wanted to get some feedback before I make a call to the dealer and I am not getting worked up over nothing.

Clean it off couple of times, have a ride with frequent stops; if thing appears again on and on, that means it is fed by oil from the fork. As for brand new factory bike, typical Luigi’s negligence on the line.

Advise the dealer straight away that there my be an issue. Ask them how they want to proceed. Surprised it is on the RH leg.

Did just as you suggested and it must have been residue from being tied down in transport. :relieved: Thank you

I did call them and they suggested the same as adamigo. All good now thanks :+1: