New V7ii owner in Poole, Dorset

Hi Everyone

I have just taken delivery of a 2016 V7 ii stone. Really looking forward to getting out and about and meeting up with Guzzi owners. Poole bike night is starting back up on 1st June so looking forward to that too.

See you out there.


Welcome Tim,
I grew up in Poole and bought my first Moto Guzzi from Huxhams on the Ashley Road back in 1978, (I still have it here with me in South Africa).
You have got some beautiful countryside to explore on the Stone. Post some pictures of the bike night when you can!

Welcome Tim, I hope you enjoy your new bike. Take it for long rides, the longer the better and you will be truly hooked! Then you will start looking around for a second or third Guzzi, guess how I know!

Have fun!