New V85TT owner

In fact, not quite yet, deposit is down but waiting on my current bike to come back from Dealers before I can P/X it. Always wanted a Guzzi since the 70’s but either money or the right model never tied in. Came close to a Stelvio but couldnt get past the looks and the cam follower scares.

V85 Ive found was registered last October and has done a total of 150 miles, no idea why. Im giving up around 80bhp (KTM 1290) but hopefully I will soon adjust, Ive had less powerful bikes before, wanted to get back to basics a bit more and slow down.

Anyway hi all, see you on the road maybe


Hi Tim,

Welcome to Guzzis, the Club an a V85TT.

My husband has one and loves it to bits (coming from a Cali 1100), a friend of ours also exchanged a big KTM for it (not sure which one) and has been all over Europe in 2019 and is still very happy with it.

Cheers Uki

Welcome. I had a demo on one last year and was impressed. They are a lovely bike. Enjoy!

Tim, welcome to MGCGB from a fellow V85TT owner. They’re great machines and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

This event may be of interest to you:
2021 V85TT Meet Poster (10th JULY).jpg

Thanks all, Yeah NMM not that far from me either really

Hi matey,

Hope you got your V85 ok. Just purchased one also but unfortunately the Oil Yemp sensor has failed just after collection so now awaiting dealer to get it from Italy and fit pretty uncommon to for them to fail!!
Love the style and Also loosing about 35bhp from Z900RS but want an air cooled big twin

After about 2,000 miles on my 2020 V85TT, an engine warning light stayed on making me wonder if I needed to stop and call for a rescue service. I decided to chance it with twenty miles remaining to get home.
I then used my Moto Guzzi rescue package to have the bike collected for return to the dealership.
Luckily, there wasn’t an engine problem so no damage done in riding it home. It transpired it was a faulty Oil Pressure Sensor Switch; a relatively common fault.
It was replaced accordingly with from what I understand is an upgraded revision of this sensor.