new Vin Number

on an 850 t3 cali today i was asked for the vin number and on the frame and in the logbook it is U15373T this is not a guzzi format . It looks to me like the frame had no number and it was stamped in at some time in its life when it was in Holland the number was on the dutch logbook too . not sure why this is maybe someone dutch person can shed light on this ??

The 850 T3 family all have the ‘VD’ prefix -

VD 11111 - VD 26537, 850 T3 (3 disk brakes, 1975 - 1985)
VD 11478 - VD 22640, 850 T3 California (1975 - 1983)
VD 21345 - VD 26537, 850 T4 (light alloy, 1980 - 1983)

I believe either side of the number there are two 5-pointed stars, which can confuse things, or there were on mine, e.g. like: VD 26537

Not always clear what they are so it’s remotely possible that the last star was interpreted as a ‘T’ somewhere along the line. I was trying to read mine at the MOT once and kept reading the first star as a ‘4’. Which was wrong. :smiley:

But 15373 is within the above range for a T3 Cali.

Could be a replacement frame. I’m told they were issued blank back in the bad old 70’s, leaving dealer to stamp number in