Hello all,
I’ve just joined the club and have a Le Mans 3 which I’ve managed to convert into a collection of boxes of bits in the garage. The engine is in the final stages of being stripped (bloody alternator rotor) before being sent off for vapour blasting.
I’m looking forward to a bit of banter and the odd tip from the forum :slight_smile:
Mark (Reading, Berks)

Hi and welcome
Was it you talking about rotor removal on Facebook the tother day?
Don’t be tempted to insert a soft piece of metal in to push the rotor off. Use the proper tool or a cut off piece of an old Allen key. It needs to be very hard.

I have the proper Rotor removal tool, or ss bolt with the lower threads removed if you wish.
I live in N Oxfordshire.
Their is an active Berkshire Branch and some of us old fogies get together the Red Lion Cassington Oxfordshire at 14:00 2nd Sunday of the month.
BTW the III is the best Lemon though not as pretty as a I.
To make your own it is a M8 X 1.25 (bog standard thread) ss bolt 90 mm long with the first 40mm of thread removed.

Yep, it was me on face book. With a rag wrapped around it and soaked in boiling water, it popped off so all sorted now :slight_smile:

Result :smiley:

Hi iandumore,
Thanks for the tip on the removal tool - I did have a lathe which I s(stupidly with hindsight) sold last year, so skimming a bolt would have been a doddle. Oh well, I suspect I’ll be needing to acquire another lathe before I finish this build.
I may just come up and meet you old folgies at the Red Lion some time - given I’m also considered one, I should blend in well :slight_smile:

You’d be welcome.