Nightrider XIED to smooth low RPM running ?

Back to the slow running characteristics of the V7ii. Again !! I am sorry to bring this to the fore once more.

I have a V7ii Special. Upto about 3,000 rpm, the engine is just not as smooth as I think it ought to be. Trickling through town is not as pleasant an experience as it should be. Some would say that this is what to expect from a MotoGuzzi; but we will soon be in the 2020s, and the 1990s have long since passed. In any event my V7 Classic was, as I recollect, a lot smoother.

Above 3,000 rpm, the bike just flies. No complaints at all.

It would seem that the blame is put down to emission regs; but are similar complaints heard from owners of bikes from other marques ?

Has anyone tried an XIED type product from ?

So far as I can gather it is inserted into the lambda sensor circuit, and can be programmed to incrementally increase the richness of the mixture, through some seven stages or clicks on the device. It works during the closed loop phase (Whatever the ‘closed loop phase’ might be !)

Any comments or experiences of the device would be helpful. (But not necessarily the advice to get a V50. :slight_smile: )

Perhaps consider loading a new map from Mark Bayley (Beetle). Many V7 owners have done so and been delighted with the result.
He is a real expert and very helpful while you are fiddling around with electronics stuff. I think his website is
Adding on these extra bits and bobs to do what a revised map can do inherently seems unnecessary.
You will need to buy a special cable from Lonelec which are quite cheap on line and then download GuzziDiag onto a laptop. The laptop can then easily communicate with your bike. You read the existing map and store it on your computer as a back-up and then write the new map from Mark into your ECU.
All the best, and have a go!

That sounds like some useful advice. Thank you.