No neutral - clutch issue on v7 Classic 2013

Hi all!
I purchased a second hand Guzzi v7 Classic 2013 last september (16000 miles). I have been having issues with the clutch and neutral since pretty much the start. When bike is cold, neutral is easy to find. As soon as the bike gets hot, neutral is impossible to find. I adjusted clutch cable on the lever and it made a good improvement. However it lever freeplay becomes loose again after a few days and need to readjust it even more.
What could be the issues here? Is it just a worn cable that need replacing or is there something more serious happening with the clutch?

Th clutch shouldn’t go out of adjustment. It sounds like it is dragging which is the usual cause of difficulties finding neutral. Does the bike tend to creep forward when you hold it in first gear, clutch in and blip the throttle? Make sure you have some free play in the cable when the lever is released.
It does sound like the pushrod may be wearing down at the end, usually caused by overheating due lack of free play on the cable etc which holds the push rod in contact with the clutch.

Yes I found the bike rolling slightly forward when on 1st (this was before first adjustment). Once clutch cable adjusted it got a lot better. Then got worst again. Thank you for the infos. I will wait for Baldrick to check the bike and find what is causing this problem.

Your bike will be in good hands with Baldrick. Everyone speaks very highly of his mechanical skills.

How did you get on at Baldrick’s?
Is your clutch problem fixed?