Non solo

Ale at Non solo is now taking Pay Pal and responded to my email within a day!

Nick, I have never had any problems with Alessandro and have always got my gear in good time.

However a member on here paid for things which never arrived and his e mails were not replied to. I can’t remember who it was or if it was resolved.


Steve; I never had problems with receiving things, it’s the Pay Pal angle and swift response that impressed. Last time I bought from them, it took ages and I had to send cash.

I have paid by bank transfer in the past and so Paypal will be a help. I have just e mailed him.


I’m not impressed with them. I bought two keys from them back in November, asking for a 4mm type. Sent them a photo too. Keys eventually arrived, no confirmation of payment received, I had to email a couple of times to get that. Keys are a different type to one I asked for. After emailing another couple of times, they said ‘they’re the ones we have.’ Just crap customer service and attitude really.italianmotor2014-01-16 09:17:28

It was me who had the problem. Last Jan I had an email exchange with Ale and sent over 100 euro by bank transfer. Since then no confirmation of receipt of funds, no parts and no response to numerous emails.

Must admit I’ve given up and put it down to experience. It’s the last time I will use bank transfer with someone I don’t know.