Norge 1200 swingarm bearings

Help needed, my swingarm brearings have gone. I can see movement sideways at the bearing pivot point. Guzzibits have new brearings in stock,. But I cannot see how they can be changed.
I have removed both side panels, on the left hand side i have located the castlated nut on the swingarm pivot. I have tried to tighten this with a big allen key and a @c@ wrench, but cant get it to slacken. But even if I could I cant see any way of removing it.
Does the drive shaft side have to be dismantled as well?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PS lots of red rust dust came out of the bearings as I turned the bolt. typical no grease guzzi.

I take it you loosened the two pinch bolts on the swing arm first ?

HI, yes i did loosen them first. I think i now understand how it is designed. I can turn the whole shaft, it seems to be threaded on the drive shaft tube end, so should just unscrew and pull out. I was thinking the castleated nut and the hex socket were separate, and therefore had to be unlocked. But looking through the service manual it looks to be one piece.
Problem was the first manual i looked at missed out the swingarm section … grr. found another online and it goes into a good description, but as they state a special tool to undo the shaft, and the picture shows the gut hidding what he is doing. ??? it was a bit confusing. I have managed now to nip the shaft up a bit more, and taken the play out. But the bearings are knackered. so got some on order.

Just to say this proved to be a real sod if a job. Easy to get stripped down to the level needed, but a real sod to remove the swing arm pin. Due to lack of grease on assembly this had rusted to the bearing inner. Plus the outers had rusted to the frame. Much cursing Lugi and his empty tin.

I think I may investigate the swinging arm bearing on my bike and wondered what tool did you used to undo the castellated nut?Also how did the pivot come out - unscrew or does it slide out after the castellated nut is undone.Thanks

There HAS always been a shortage of grease in Italy it not ONLY affects Guzzi BUT would you believe some very expensive motor cars too>>>

Mebbe Luigi think it is ONLY ofr his hair

I actually used a large hex key in the centre. Loosen the clamp bolts, and then the whole pin turns. As far as i could see the castleted nut is a a red herring. When you nip it all back up, you can feel the swing arm moveing on the new bearings for the correct pressure. Then nip up the clamps.