Norge 2v vibration

My 2006 Norge went away for some cosmetic repair last year (new fairing bits and pieces) and since I got it back it has been vibrating more than usual at about 3,000rpm when it’s under mild load. The vibration seems to be the frequency you’d expect from an engine, but with a noticeable pattern to it - the vibration comes and goes in cycles of about 1-2 seconds.

I have checked and found nothing wrong with the throttle body balance, the UJs (and rear end generally), the valve clearances, plugs and numerous odds and ends which might vibrate and there’s no other sign of a problem with the gearbox or clutch.

Does anbody have any bright ideas where I might look next?



look at the engine mounts.and the oil cooler mounts, also have you got the original style HEVEY bar end weights. light weight bar ends don’t work at damping vibes, have you looked at the TPS setings

Sounds like something is touching something else, (new fairing to frame perhaps)?

Thanks for the suggestions. I have the standard bar-ends and everything else is standard apart from the 1200 Sport mirrors.

I’ll be looking at the steering head bearings soon so I’ll check around the fairing, something touching sounds like a fair bet.

Throttle bodies are balanced reset TPS using Guzzidiag.

Of course, it might just need to be ridden more!


Amazingly, I’ve actually found something! A loose bolt on the fairing bracket mount to the steering head. Hopefully things will improve when that’s tightened up.

However, I also found this little widget floating around without a care in the world in the wiring next to the steering head - can anybody suggest what it is and should it be attached to something other than just the end of its wire? Temperature sensor?

I think that that there is the ambient temp sensor for the display on the dash.
It should be fitted to back of the LH end of the trim piece that surrounds the ignition key and carries the 4 way flasher button.
Should be held to this with some plastic rivet sort of thing which has probably busted

I only know that as I had the trim piece off my Breva off only last night and wondered what it was :wink: