Norge 8V Electrical Failure

I hope no one here experiences this problem and this is just a cautionary tale. My new Norge - 10 months old, 5K miles - came to an abrupt halt last month. A red warning triangle and an image of an unplugged ECU was all that showed on the panel. Turns out there’s a single wire which earths the CPU and this had sheared at the ring terminal which bolts to the ECU. An easy repair if you know what to look for and the bike’s in a garage and not by the side of a road!It was repaired by a Guzzi dealer and from what the mechanic said, it seemed he’d seen this problem before though I wasn’t aware of it. Has anyone else seen this?Dave

Not on my Norge, but did on my Cali. i think that it is recommended to fit an extra earth wire to all bikes with an ECU