Not quite sprimg

I was out in the car today, pleasantly surprised by the number of bikes braving it, but appalled (as I am each year) by displays of rusty skills.

These included running wide on corners and roundabouts, and generally being 50 yards or so behind the bike.

Take it easy out there people !

Running behind it, do you mean?

Not quite Sprimg? Been on the beer? :laughing: :laughing:

Still got a 54!t load of salt on the roads round our way. Just hoping it will at least be dry salt when I venture out on the Pearl on Sunday for the Essex Branch gathering.

And I’m useless enough that I always ride like I just got out of bed.

On that basis I ride like I should have stayed in bed.

Out on the scout yesterday ’ nice sunny ride, then home to chip the salt off.
Is it just me or are thay spreading more salt this year.
I mean you can taste it in the air wen riding.