Numb foot syndrome Cali '95

Have been on some long bike rides recently (95 Cali) 3-4 hrs non stop and I have noticed that both my feet have really gone numb from the vibes off the footboards.
This is my first experience of footboards and was wondering if it may be more practical to fit pegs instead, is this possible on a 95 Cali? and has anyone got any other potential cures for this, I know it is not an overly technical problem but comfort on long rides would help

I have just done the scotish rally on my cali 1100i. (foot boards) no vibes. are your throttle bodies/carbs in balance /are your heders touching the frame /and are the vibes worst in the right foot board if thay are its normally a good indicacion of a worn UJ hope this helps.

^ What he said methinks too, that much vibes, summink wrong Shirley Ignition too advanced?

Your Cali is the same age as mine and I found that the rubber mounts moulded into the foot pad rubbers had perished/gone hard.

I replaced them and it improved things.

Some washing-up liquid and a long reach pair of welding mole grips are your friends when you come to fit them.

Gutsibits sell the replacementstris2014-05-08 07:24:37

Yep- had a look at the rubbers in the boards and they had obviously been looked at before- they were solid bits of plastic and washers :slight_smile:

Have made my own temp ones but will look on the Gutsibits site this weekend.

Cheers chaps.

I get vibes on both my cali’s 95 @ 97 but not the way you discribe , i bet it feels funny getting off bike tingling in feet & not able to stand

My temp solution seems to have worked a treat- it now looks like a previous owner had special boards made- solution… utilise some old suspension bushes and bingo- hardly a vibe felt. :slight_smile: