Numb hands after 100 miles on a G5

A previous Le Mans never did that to me 35 odd years ago but maybe age is catching up.

I’ve recently removed most of the previous owners fitment efforts at Cafe Racing the bike, but the standard higher bars instead of the after market Renthals give my hands a tingle. I’m hoping to do a few thousand miles on her in the next month or so and am looking for the most comfort possible. I appreciate no big twin is going to be vibration free but wondered if there’s an underlying cause, and if there’s a cure such as bar weights?

A vee twin shouldn’t really vibrate that much, but some is inevitable. Check the easy things like balancing the carbs. I just do that by ear, open and shut the throttle, you should hear the slides click shut at pretty much at the same time.
One of the best things I found was to fit foam grips to cut out the vibes.

Add bar-end weights?

Ideally after fixing anything that needs fixing/wreaking/tuning.

I’ve just fitted new throttle cables and sycronised the slides as well as fitting additional foam grips. Good to see I’m working along the correct lines👍🏻

That was my next thought. I’ll repost if I find something suitable and it works.

I have exactly the same issue on a more modern Hinckley Triumph so it’s maybe age and poor circulation catching up with me.