Nuovo Falcone Engine Kickstart ringnut

Hi Folkes.
I am trying to split the cases of a Nuovo Falcone. I am really struggling to remove the ring nut that the kickstart connect to. part no 10266501, it is a left hand threaded hardened ring nut that is threaded into the primary gear shaft. Do you have any advice or special tool for removing this nut?
The cases will not split with the kickstart ringnut and output sprocket in place.

I assume it is this you are trying to undo. Looks like the factory solution is a peg type spanner. I have managed to use a bicycle cone spanner before on this sort of thing. An old chain wrapped around the sprocket and some mole grips should allow you to lock the sprocket. Or a piece of wood wedged between the sprocket and the casing may do the job.Usual ideas for something like this is penetrating oil and plenty of heat. I assume you have the manual. did recently find a programme to translate pdf text to english.

Don-Spada2013-01-10 23:03:08

Thanks for the picture, it is very tight, guess I need a bigger c spanner and more heat. Be nice to be able to get a socket to fit then I can use my air hammer wrench.

The picture is in the manual, available as a free download from the link posted above.

Hi the manual is really good much better then the paid for one I got from Holland. A Big Thank You.


After spending all afternoon making a tool for the castlenut, and adopting the clutch removal tool, then with the application of much heat and using a 3/4 inch hammer wrench…nut is off, horray.

Well done Tony, what a relief

Well chuffed cases split, and all cleaned up it was filthy. Down tools and time for bed!

tonykent2013-01-12 22:34:24