Nuovo Falcone Fuel Tap Seals?

do you know if I can get seals for these guzzi fuel taps? the right one
wont shut off so, as there were no clips, the tank has drained over the
garage floor. I dont want to strip and clean them if I cannea get seals

I have bought replacement taps from a guy in Italy very cheap, probably cheaper than you can buy seals for your old onesItalian MotorbikesThe guy is really helpful, speaks English, responds to emails quickly (although his website does say he is away at present) and takes PayPal Check the thread size of the existing taps into the tank, he has a range of sizes available.Alternatively give North Leicester Motorcycles a call, see what they can do for you 01530 263381

The North Leicester folk brought it in, shall bell them tomorrow, thanks Don, hadnt thought of them. Doh!Al

I expect the Morini’s will use a similar tap so they should have something in their stocks. Upstairs is quite an Aladins cave of parts, it hasn’t changed in the 30 years I have been going in there.

Ive never been there but its surprising how many reciepts from them Ive seen among the paperwork thats come with my guzzis over the years, even my K2 Morini had a pile of paperwork from them.

They are the main people for Morinis. Even a guy I know in Australia uses them for parts They always have at least half a dozen in the showroom, a few in the workshop and plenty spares in the stores.
Guzzi parts are a lot more limited by comparison, but I called in recently after some Guzzi eagles for the Stornello tank and they had a full set for about half the price people are charging on ebay etc so I was well pleased.

Just spoke with NLM, I was vague as this is my first guzzi single. He says he has pattern taps for about £12, result, so Ill strip mine and see if I can replace the seals or whatever, then if they are scrap a new pair will be order-able. Thanks again.Al

toastmuncher2014-05-30 14:55:37

Taking a gamble, I just ordered on eof these. is the same, will report back if it fits, its the same fitting on the V7 loop and eldorado etc

Is it a female thread in the tank? You might need to add some fuel proof packing washers to et it tight in the right orientation, but looks good.

Yes, female 12mm x 1 pitch in the tank.

Oh well, into the random spares box it goes, it has a BLOOMIN left hand thread. GGGRRRRRR!!!

harpers in the US sell the seals for $4 but dunno what they’ll come to with postage and stuff… maybe try Teo Lammers as they appear to be the same as some V7 taps…

MAny thanks, just emailed them.You are a lifesaver.