Oil feed pipe - T3

I have searched the forum and no one appears to have suffered this issue but I am sure someone out there has. Its an oil weepage where the oil line from the top of the crankcase joins the cylinder head. History is as follows - I changed the rubber lines to the upgraded braided type. Fast forward a couple of years and without any prior movement of the oil feed bolt a weepage occurred where the bolt and oil feed joint bolt up onto the cylinder head. I have fitted new crush drive washers, oil feed bolt and as a precaution I replaced the oil feed pipes incase the machine surfaces had become distorted. Issue was cured for about 300 miles before the same issue repeats itself and now I cannot stop it weeping oil from the same joint. Inspection of the surface where the joint bolts onto the cylinder head does not reveal any clues either and in desperation took the rocker cover off to check whether the oil line in the cylinder head had become block and it hadn’t.

Usually it’s just the washers that need replacing, do not over tighten the banjo bolts though.

Remove the cast iron rocker frame within the rocker box and check for a blockage in the oilways drilled into the frame.Also the rocker spindles.Look for tiny bits of a rubbery substance which may have been worn off your cam chain tensioner and become lodged in any of the oilways between the external banjo connection and the rocker spindles.Such a blockage can starve your rocker bushes of oil.

SENIOR MOMENT.The above does not apply to the T3 which of course has a cartridge filter in the sump.
It does apply to the 850T and some other models which have no filter and a timing chain as opposed to timing gears, :blush:

The correct washers are flat plain aluminium ones. Stock Guzzi part.

Furthermore they should be renewed every time disturbed, unless you can anneal them.

I once tried copper ones on the Spada that I could get more easily, leaked immediately after first run thereafter, in other words when engine had heated up then cooled down. Lesson: do not use copper ones.

Only other time I had a (persistant) leak was cos a banjo was imperfect, had a small bulge on one face so made it not quite able to tighten up fully.

NB: needs washer on each side of the banjo, just in case that isn’t obvious. :smiley:


Try a couple of Dowty washers (Google them), they did the job on my Le Mans.

Forgot to mention, this is oil feed to the rockers, so the pressure is in the order of 60 - 80 psi.

Thanks for the replies including the one about rubbery bits getting into the oil lines as I run another model with a gauze filter. The issue is obviously erring towards the crush washers unless I am unlucky enough to have two braided oil lines which have not been machined properly - so crush washers on their way and if the issue persists I will look into the suggestion of fitting dowty washers.