Oil leak rear of engine

Had a little sprint from the lights on my ev against a R series BMW and a commandolot of smoke from left hand pipe through 1st gear then was fine through the rest of the gears returning home noticed a drip of oil from one of the two hose that are to the rear of the gearbox, feels like gearbox oil and it is just continuing, must be half a pint there now an hour later any ideas

When my Guzzi showed smoke from an exhaust it was a piston ring, gearbox oil should smell 'orrible, engine oil does not, Those Pipes are breathers IF you are lucky it may be a blocked breather if not piston rings, possibly the breather mechanism not sure if the EV has the same breather as the older bike, “ball valve”

Sounds like oil got onto the exhaust pipe and burnt, blowing off backwards would look like coming out of the silencer

The 2 pipes should be the gearbox and engine breather pipes, it is possible, if either is overfilled, to get some oil out after “spirited” riding but half a pint is too much, especially for the gearbox. Most likely to be a bit of blowby on the LH piston rings overpressurising the crankcase and forcing oil into the breather system, (does it exhaust to the frame tube on the EV?), this will then drain via the breather pipe onto your pristine concrete drive. Best bet is a compression test on the pots.Cheers, Gerry. PS, who won the drag race?
Duffo2012-06-25 16:08:59

I won by a country mile re compression Wide OpenThrottle on the left pot 165 psi right pot 170psi left plug is dark in colour right plug is half biscuit colour and half dark any ideas as to next step

Have a check on the crank breather ball valve thingy Top of the bell housing. there should be a steel ball bearing that jumps up and down with the variation in pressure in the crank cases. Also clean out the breather tubes to and from the frame etc.
There have been a few threads on this subject lately, includng Johno and his T5 similar problems.
http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=14378Don-Spada2012-06-25 17:42:16

This being my first guzzi and allis there a workshop manual out there to buy davidblythe2012-06-25 18:10:46

put an endoscope into the pots, still nice crosshatching on the cylinder walls left pot piston crown slight darker colour than the right but no major deposits on the crowns

Have a browse on here.http://guzzitek.org/atelier.htmNo need to buy, it is available as a free download, parts books, manual etc all there for free.Right pessimistic lot on here Full of doom and gloom, always expecting the worst!!
Don-Spada2012-06-25 19:33:05

If you look on this site there is a thread entitled “All the manuals you will ever need” lists of all the downloadable manuals

Yes it does.I’m betting on accumulated oil in the breather system - maybe quite a bit in the frame tubes and airbox over time - getting blown out by a bit of heavy right hand action. One of the return spigots from the frame cross-member could have been blocked causing pooling, or even the outlet/hose from the airbox. Could also be exacerbated by an overfill of oil in the engine.We had a similar thing after a spirited run around the ‘Death Race’ Madrid version of the M25 on a baking hot day after a previous few thousand miles of sedate running.If you check the sump oil in the correct manner - dipstick screwed in - and it reads okay then I wouldn’t worry about it.David, if you trace the breather system you can take off the return hoses from the frame to the heads and blow them through or rod the spigots to ensure they are functioning correctly.GJ
guzzijack2012-06-28 10:33:19

Good explanation of the breather system hereBreather systemIf you search breather, you will find loads on the subject