Oil leak right hand cylinder

My 1995 Cali has developed a intermittent oil leak which seems to be coming from about halfway up the right hand cylinder. On a ride out last week it seemed to get worse then appeared to stop all together !?! ( Yes there was still oil in the engine :slight_smile: ) Any ideas ?
Further question. If its a gasket how easy is it to replace one for a (very) novice mechanic ?

Any chance of posting a picture.And whilst best to have an experienced friend available if you’re prepared to try it, and have the tools, you will probobly sort it.The item you are most likely to need to borrow is a torque wrench if needed.

check oil feed pipe .

He knows what he is talking about.Another way of saying ‘shudda fort ov vat miself’.

Ian and theoneandonle Firstly thanks for the replies. 2nd How do I post a pic on this here thing ? 3rd When I said ‘novice’ …I take it the oil feed pipe is the one to the top of the cylinder on its inner side ?

I’ve just taken the spark plugs out and had to clean them as they were properly black, Also had a look at the air filter but I’m not convinced its the right one? Will post a pic when I found out how to. scottyuk18112014-07-29 17:45:06

Photos have to be hosted on another site like Photobucket then the URL address linked in your post here between [img] tags.

FWIW my approach with oil leaks is clean the area of the bike affected really well. Start the bike and look for oil, go for a short run and look again etc.
A small torch is handy for this.
The origin will give an idea of cause e.g. oil feed pipe or cylinder O ring can look the same and yet start in different places.
Best of luck

Mike H and Guzzi brat. Thanks for the replies. I will try to get pics on tomorrow and also try the torch tip.

                                      Cheers Fellas

+2 for the oil feed pipe

My Cali is the same age as yours and my feed pipe died about a year ago

A word to the wise though. The original part has odd length legs while the pattern replacement I got were the same length. Its not a big issue just needs a bit of “finessing” to fit

This is the banjo unions at the front, I presume.

Please note each will need two new aluminium sealing washers whenever disturbed.

Copper ones just leak, tried it once.

Someone’s now going to mention something about annealing the old ally washers so that they can be reused.

I would say the opposite especially on brake lines.Aluminiun washers get attacked by road salt very easily.Also never heard of annealing ali, just copper but that doesn’t mean anything.

I also agree that torquing down your heads is a good idea. I did mine recently and was shocked to find that a couple of the nuts holding down the heads were just finger tight/loose


Absolutely spot on.

You’ve obviously heard the same advice I did.

Years ago a mate’s Spada lit up its brake fluid level dash warning light, 'twas indeed a corroded ally washer. When eventually I got my own Spada I knew it needed changing to copper ones.

have a look at the roker box gasket.

Yes. Cylinder base gasket is another contender, but not applicable here I don’t think (too low down).

Everybody. Thanks for all the tips and advice. ( Much needed ) Apologies for the delay in replying. Got carried away with riding the thing in the nice weather ! ( And then beer and Fast n Loud and Philly Throttle when I got home !) I’m fairly happy the leak is not from the oil feed pipe… so I’m going to gird my loins and take the thing apart to have a better look but not quite yet. Anyone know where I can pick up a copy of a workshop manual ? And a good supplier for gasket sets etc ?

I will take lots of pics when I start this work because I think they may have comedy value as 50yrs + novice ‘learns on the job’

Stay tuned for more numpty questions

For manuals you should find what you require following the links on this thread: http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=15632
Gaskets - any of the Guzzi suppliers Gutsibits/Corsa Italiana/Motomecca etc…

Update: Having been ‘fairly happy’ my leak wasn’t from the oil feed pipe… It was.
Anyway. Oil pipes and washers replaced ( only took me all flipping day !) Thanks for all the advice. Thanks for the link for manuals.
Happy days.

Okey-dokey – sure about the hose and fitting, not just a case of loose banjo?

That’s when you need dextrous tiny little monkey hands

Glad its sorted