Oil leak

Having defiantly cured that oil leak by new rocker gaskets, new new rocker gaskets, new oil hose seals, new oil hoses …doh! Bloody breather pipe.
A question. Why do Cali’s seem to make so much Mayo? My V11 doesn’t make any, and, once it has oozed its way up the breather pipe (which I can only think my bike feels it’s nose is blocked) where does it all end up.

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I’ve never had a Cali, only a Convert and Eldorado and they give me no problems, so sorry I’m no help either!

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Sorry…missed this…does your bike do shortish trips a lot…thats usually mayo country…

My Cali III doesn’t suffer from condensation but I tend to drive it between April and October and generally on long journeys.

I also have a Honda 350 four and no matter how hard I run that I get water dripping from the breather and mayo actually in the oil filter casing.

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On the subject of oil leaks and breather pipe throwing out oil, I had years of chasing these problems on my Spada.
I tried every tip, sump extension, allowing the bike to find it’s own oil level, baffle plates, et al.
In the end I had to replace the big end shells, probably because of a lack of oil when it threw it all out in Italy a couple of years ago.
Whilst the engine was out I obviously replaced all the rings and seals which has helped, but the best tip I have had was from Gino at last years Scottish rally ( thanks ). There is an after market performance part that was sold for the XS650 Yamaha called a Positive Crankcase Valve. Fitted in line to the breather pipe to atmosphere with a bit of adaption to the pipe ends.
WOW. No more issues since. So impressed fitted to the Mk 2 as well.
I’m not an expert but I assume it works by stopping air being sucked back into the engine and thus eliminating all that pressure, so less strain on the engine and less chance of pushing the oil out of any weak points and breather system.
The part can be found on a German website called XS650 SHOP. Costs 20 Euros.

Do you mean Item No: 05-0677 on http://www.xs650shop.de/front_content.php?idcat=8
Do you put its “In” to the Breather from the Guzzi Breather box?

Yep thats the one.

Breather pipe from engine end goes to the ‘IN’ , then ‘OUT’ to atmosphere.
I have re routed my pipe into a bottle under the seat so I put the valve in line under the seat.

Sorry Mo I missed this one too, must have been the glut of posts on the forum that week!
Kate has part of the answer, short runs do not warm up the engine sufficiently to evaporate the moisture within the crankcase, this condenses on the crankcase sides and so water gets mixed with the oil. A better breathing system is also part of the answer however I am not sure that a non-return valve is the answer. The breather box on older Tonti framed bikes had a non return valve, I managed to wedge mine open by getting the breather box chromed (don’t ask) and I think in Guzziology it suggests removing the spring.
I’m not sure if your model has a breather box or if it contains a non-return flap. What year is it?

Ok I have re-read Guzziology and it does recommend disabling the valve in the breather box but also replacing it with one in the breather’s outlet tube but the solution is different for different models. The mayo problem can be reduced with better breathing and longer journeys.

I think the issue is that the ball valve, or ‘flap valve’ in the LM box, can’t work fast enough, and so oil loss via breather is exacerbated by high revs especially for prolonged periods (I can personally vouch for losing 2 litres on the M6 last year!) the other gizmo might be a reed valve? If so can work much faster. I believe the object is to maintain a slight vacuum in the crankcase, to scavenge oil back to the sump, but the standard ball valve et al is just overwhelmed at high rpm, blow-past etc. ultimately results in oil being pushed out.

This is the older Tonti’s, not the later breather-box-in-frame models, not sure how that works TBH, but the implication is that using a larger volume and higher frame tube was the ‘cure’ for the problem.

Yes it is a reed valve, and I think the improvement is because it works, whereas the Guzzi one doesn’t. On my Spada the original breather box was removed and K & N filters fitted. This means the Le Mans breather box needs to be fitted, which has that little flap only. Also on the original system you would have a ball bearing valve which sits in the top of the crankcase under the breather pipe. Most people opt to remove this as well as it’s prone to getting clogged up but again you are left with just that little flap trying to stop air being sucked back in, which ultimately is the issue. Fitting a valve that works seems a no brainer, I am just suprised it isn’t a well known upgrade offered by the parts suppliers.

HI mike, what was your solution in the end to prevent the oil loss?, at the moment i’m looking at installing an Agostini breather box from HMB but i cant make my mind up about whether to use the guzzi ball type non return valve or the HMB non return valve, any input would be helpful, Cheers chris

Well thats much more like it, I have looked at the ball valve. It was seized so I freed it and cleaned it. The spring is not a spring but a kind of circlip effort just there to stop the ball dissapearing into oblivion, gravity is all that keeps it closed. the shortest run I would do would be 20miles but most over 50 and regularly 120or more and tho I dont cane it I generaly keep it between 3 and 6k.
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