Oil question 1200 sport and similar

I have been advised by someone who should definitely know to run the 1200 sport on 15w50 oil. I know the factory advise 10w60 for these bikes and I think that is what most are using, but any experience of this?

Same person says that they have always used Motul 15w50 for their servicing, and have not experienced the cam problems on the 4v bikes they have servicedthat have been prevelent elsewhere. Original advice to use this came from Motul, although their website says 10w60 now.
Again any thoughts or experience?

Id stick to 10w60 ; If you said 15w60 (if available) it would be o.k when not used for winter riding. The 60 is important as the engine runs hot & you need the thicker grade at high temperatures , you dont want the oil becoming too thin & breaking down at the high range.

I would never use anything but 10/60 on newer guzzis ,im even running me old 1100 guzzis on it now

10/60 Jim
There was a guy on the old 1200sport forum who used something else that he claimed was similar. Then something went catastrophically wrong with his engine. Piaggio used that as their justification to wriggle out of any claim

From what I’ve read, the oil is a critical part of the cooling system on the 8V engines (more so than normal). FOr this reason, I’m keen to protect this system at all costs!
Has anyone fitted an oil cooler guard and used the bike in traffic in the summer? I’m intending to do the same to mine but first would appreciate any feedback on how this affects temperature control.


Jon - I do Southern France, Spain and Italy …or at least one of those every summer…no problems to date, other than the bike uses oil, so take a litre with you

My oil light came on on the way to the 1000 bikes last year at low revs ,I’d just put in valveline 10-60 earlier that week,it was a pretty hot day but never had a problem when using castrol edge which I normaly use ,back on castrol now ,great bike all round,hope you enjoy yours like I have …

Thanks. any recommedations for the oil cooler guard? I’d prefer stainless steel to aluminium. I think I’ve only seen one type available (maybe on ebay).


I am running a Ausi Radguard on my 2014 NTX.
I fitted it when I picked the bike up in March so I obviously haven’t had a chance to see how it performs in the height of summer but all seems to be ok so far.

No rad guard… It is fairly (touch wood) out of the way, unlike the Daytona where it is aimed to collect stuff that flies off the front wheel