oil usage

Does anyone know how much oil a 56 plate Breva 100 will use per 1000 miles? Approx. 2 up full luggage…probably never over 5k revs though.

Just need to make sure i have some 10w60 ready for touring time.


I use to carry a litre of oil when touring but never had to top up between services

Ditto. Albeit 850/1000 big-block in my case (not exactly the same I know). Assuming it’s not chucking it out for some reason because of a problem of course.

05 Breva 1100 using approx 0.25 litre between oil changes, includes revving to 7K when required, a small 0.5 litre bottle will fit under the seat just in case.Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks guys…i read ssomewhere that they use a litre per 1000 miles…must of been a dodgy bike.

that’s probably listed as an acceptable amount by moto guzzi, my own suspicions are that if a bike is run in to gently then they tend to use more oil, they use more the higher they are rev’d as well

That depends on the age of the bike some of the older tonti bikes have cast iron bores and take a very long to run in fully.