Oil viscosity.

I’ve never been one to take much notice of various oil grades, I usually buy cheap and change regularly.But while the novelty of my Griso is still fresh I feel I should do the right thing. The book says 10W60 for my 07 model, but a friend with an older but identical model says his book states 15W50. Asking my nearest Guzzi dealer, he says they would put 10W40 in…I know it’s an oil thread and I may get shot, but I’ll take the risk for a bit of advice.

It’s not going to get you anywhere. The traditionalists will say 20/50, the Jap owners 10/40 and in the end you’ll be no further forward and do your own thing anyway. Save everyone the oil thread and just RTFM

I was told by Moto Corsa when I picked up my Griso that I should put 10/60 in. I have also been told that Guzzi changed the oil grade due to the problems with the engine on the 8V. At £56.00 for 4 liters it is not cheap.

Moto Guzzi issued a service release correcting what it says in the book, your dealer is clearly one to avoid. The correct grade is 10/60, but of course it’s up to you.
I use Castrol Edge, and got it a lot cheaper in one of Opie Oil’s sales. Don’t bother with the BMW spec version, it’s just more expensive to justify buying the car in the first place. All these new engines do run hotter than the older big block models.
Brian UK2012-11-30 11:14:38

£48.00 now 4 liters on its way.


Thats cheap, last time I looked it was £56.00 and you get free postage.

At what mileage is it changed?Waiting for a scary answer!Would this be suitable?Just seen Castrol edge 10w-60 on Amazon with freepost, if that helps anyone?HMM, says it’s eligible for free post?

1150GS2012-11-30 20:21:03

10,000k oil & filter change it says in the book of words. Ordered 5 litre can of 10w60 fully synthetic from my local motor factors today, £26.

I have seen 10w 60 castrol edge 4ltr for £38 inc. postage,I have been putting Morris 10w 50 supertwin in my Breva 1100,still have a litre or so left ok to mix?Lee C

I use Mobil 1 10-60 in my 8v Griso, with my Halfords trade card I got 5Lts for £39 the other day.

I use Silkolene 10-60 in my Griso.

Thanks for all the helpful info, much appreciated.I would never pay to have oil posted though. Free postage means it’s just hidden in the mark up. Oil is heavy and the postage cost must be at least 30% of the total price.

You have to look at the total cost, sometimes it is cheper to get it posted. When I bought mine they had two offers on, buy 4l, get one litre free, then they added buy 2 x 4l get 4l free.I ended up with 15l much cheaper than anywhere else. I bought oil filters at the same time, also half price.
Brian UK2012-12-01 22:43:36

Buy from Opie oils do the all the filters as well. Lot cheaper than the dealers and you MGCGB discount.