Oil weep from CARC filler plug

Hi everyone,

When I first bought my 2011 Stelvio I noticed a slight weep from the CARC drive filler plug. (i.e. the dirt and dust around the plug was oily - there was no drip). When I checked the drive was over filled. I removed oil until it was level with the bottom of the filler plug and then carefully cleaned the plug, fitted a new crush washer and tightened it down as much as seemed sensible given you are screwing a steel bolt into an aluminium casting.

Initially the problem seemed solved but recently the weep has reappeared and tonight I noticed an actual oil drop on the rear rim! Any ideas? Are CARC drives prone to leaking in this way?



oil on the rim ? check output oil seal behind rear wheel . remove the wheel .
oil level inside …did you spin the wheel a couple of revs ,and then count to 10 …and then check the level ?

my bike has a hint of oil around the filler plug. It’s been like that for about six months. I’m not particularly concerned.

Hi Min,

Er no! Was I meant to? I just took the filler plug out, observed the oil flowing out and concluded it was over filled. Is my drive shaft now under filled? Also, how do you achieve the “standing upright on level ground” orientation of the bie specified in the manual for checking these levels? There is only one of me so the bike has to be on a stand. Either the side stand in which case it is level but not upright or the main stand in which case it is upright but not level and the rear suspension is not compressed. I’m getting paranoid about this fluid level now!

you have a Stelvio , it should have a centre stand . who said anything about level s/arm ? err find some level ground ? if book says level s/arm , that is why i spin the wheel !or put in a measured amount of oil

ps i’m not min he is much uglier than me .

Hmmm, the juries still out.

Sorry Neil!

The stuff about upright on level ground is in the owners manual. It definitely seems to imply standing on its wheels rather than on the main stand. I guess you can do it if you have a paddock stand (which I don’t!)

As said, oil on the rim implies the output seal is leaking. I would just check the level plug on the mainstand, any variation can’t be that much surely. (?)

Hi richard check the breather at top of carc , as they block , hope you are enjoying tour stelvio peter

I sometimes get the impression that the manuals are translated by work experience children with no practical motorcycle experience.On the other hand theoneandonly knows his stuff and his advice is always worth listening too.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the advice. It is not the output seal. The drip I mentioned could be tracked from the filler plug down the CARC to where it dripped on the rim directly below. I will check the CARC breather provided I can find it!


Option for the OCD types (me): Find level ground. Put the bike on the centrestand. Measure the distance between the raised rear wheel and the ground. Find a piece of wood with a thickness around a half of this dimension. Lift front wheel slightly and place piece of wood underneath. Optional: Use spirit level and pills for anxiety.


JonSquarepants2014-09-26 18:33:18

Not just me feeling paranoid then. Must find a appropriately sized piece of wood. Just for the record, what sound would an oil starved bevel drive make in the minutes before it self destructed?

RichardRichard632014-09-26 21:20:02

As Peter said it most likely the breather, Its the Grey thing on top of the CARC. Take it out wash it in solvent or similar. The Cap part should be loose and rotate, you should be able to blow air through . It is common for it to get blocked. Enjoy you Stelvio, We hope to see you at Club weekend meeting. David

Thanks Dave,

I will check the breather at the weekend. Life keeps on intruding on my plans for taking the Stelvio to visit like minded people. I should really visit Peter first as his advice was invaluable in my search for my Stelvio.