On the scrounge!

Going to replace the clutch on my T3 Cali in the next couple of weeks. If anyone has the socket to remove the nut holding the splined clutch gear on the gearbox shaft and the tool to compress the clutch plates I would be most grateful if I could borrow them and return them together with some ‘liquid’ remuneration!
Trevor (Durham City)

If you cannot get the castellated socket buy a new nut and knock it off with a hammer and screwdriver.
Replace the same way.
I do not remember any other special tools.
Be vary careful lining up the 3 clutch plates though.
And if you can drop the engine nose first into a car tyre or spare wheel, makes it all easier to work on.

A heathen after my own heart :smiley: , that’s how I do it as well, but use a stout piece of flat bar instead of the screwdriver method, (use your new splined boss to align the clutch plates before you fit it to the box)

The gearbox input splined boss itself may be used as a clutch plate centring tool. The flywheel has threaded hole up the middle for a bolt on which you can in turn centre the boss.

I’m assuming the Cali is baiscally same as other Tonti’s…

Thanks for the replies. I pick up a deep spline clutch at the weekend so will have a clutch centre to use to line the plates up and make up a tool to compress the clutch springs. Now need to sort a long bolt or threaded rod to screw into the end of the crank. Can anyone confirm what thread size it is and where I might source one. Its an M12 but the pitch size is different than the norm

Aren’t there 8 coil springs with the 8 bolts through them? So the bolts are the ‘compressor’, or rather, undo them and it all falls apart.


EDIT: I think you have to watch out that the rear flywheel disc goes back in the same position that it was when it came off, to keep correct balance of the flywheel. So mark its position relative to the main flywheel before taking it off. This part has the starter ring gear on it IIRC.