Opinions sought - rocker cover protectors


I am after you opinions on adding rocker cover protectors to a 1975 T3. I have looked at the Gutsibits website and here are the two that fit, with an image of what one of them would look like in place:

Rocker cover protector 1.jpg
Rocker cover protector 2.jpg
Rocker cover protector 3.jpg
So, should I, or shouldn’t I - i.e. keep it as close to original spec as possible?

I quite like the look of them, but equally I see them as customising the bike rather than as spec.


If you like them … get them :+1:

It’s not as if you can’t revert to original should you wish.

Besides, not fitting them risks invoking ‘sod’s law’

I like the ones with round holes. :smiley:

I have used the old tubular steel ones, were available as either black painted or chrome, and did once have a mild fall to test it so to speak, they get damaged instead of the cover, in theory, but one needs to bear in mind screws could be sheared off or the thing bends back and marks the cover. They’re probably OK for a slow speed spill or falling off the sidestand, but if you’re going to throw it up the road at 50 mph, bashed rocker covers will be the least of your problems. :smiley:

They don’t just save the rocker covers, they also protect your spark plugs. Now, we all know that spark plugs are cheap but you could have a very slow speed tumble. You’re not damaged and the bike’s not damaged, but you now have a broken spark plug. Then you’re going nowhere.
It can be argued that you can continue on just one cylinder, but I don’t think it’s good for the engine, and you may be 100 miles from home.

As the Old Rat says above, it’s not a permanent alteration of your bike, just a bolt on addition. Worth the money in my opinion.

I use the tube type myself. Had to cut the ends off to clear the fairing.
Crusty rockers.jpg

That’s them, yes had to do the same.

Quite right, forgot about that. Notwithstanding, I got into the habit of carrying spare spark plugs (or at least one), and a plug cap. Still do, for whichever bike I happen to be riding at the time. :smiley: If only because a plug or cap can fail.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I agree that they can be easily removed and I also like the ones with the round holes, so those will be the ones I get. I did consider the tubular ones, but when I read on the Gutsibits website that you need to cut them down a bit to avoid snagging on the breather pipe towards the back of the rocker cover, I decided against them.

Thanks RayS for your offer, but on balance I would prefer not to lift the head covers by using a spacer plate to provide the protection.

Best Wishes,