Over enthusiastic lubrication

Went to get the V50 out of the garage for MOT and noticed a small pool of oil in the RH side of the front wheel rim! Fortunately the machine was on the side stand so the oil had pooled there rather than run down the tyre. What could it be and where had it come from? Certainly not hydraulic fluid so not from the caliper. Too thick and wrong colour for ATF so not from the forks. Could it be wheel bearing grease breaking down and the oil component running out? Puzzled me for a while unit the penny eventually dropped. Back in 2014 the drive tang had broken off the speedo drive box. I managed to get a new tang plate from Nick’s Eurobits on ebay and replaced it. I put thin grease in the box and liberally lubricated the speedo cable to minimise stress on the drive tang. I see that during routine maintenance I oiled the drive box again in 2016 - there is an oiling point on the top of it. Obviously I was far too enthusiastic here and the oil has simply dripped out of the bottom of the box, run down the back of one of the disc ‘spokes’ and dripped onto the rim. Fortunately, having realised this, I was able to clean it off the disc before I moved the bike and spread it all over the pads. Something to remember next time I have the oil can out!

My Bonneville did similar just recently after I oiled the speed cable, all 5ft length of it with 3 in 1 oil, it all dribbled out the end and made a puddle on the floor at the back of the bike!

I was going to suggest exactly that before I read through the rest of your text.

BTW - the plate that tang is on will take soft solder so is almost infinitely repairable with bits of old tin can and the like.