Paint codes - SP Royale

Hi all
Newcomer to the world of guzzi s. could do with some advice please

Recently acquired 1979 1000 sp royale. Been stood for 30 years, and currently underground major surgery. Could do with finding the red paint code for this model. Also sidestand not fitted, is this standard???
Any hints and tips would be welcome while bikes dismantled and sumps off at present


Look in frequently asked questions for paint codes, BUT I think many of the older bikes actually used Fiat Colours also the Royale was a “make over” done by the importers.

The closest colour will be fine as no one actually knows and the factory would use whoever would supply them.

Good place to start is here

Free to download then print what you need

Also many Haynes manual the one covering the 750-959 ones as the engine etc is the same many around 2nd hand and as a Club Member you get discount from Haynes on a new one

It should have a side stand originally but they are as much use as a chocolate tea pot so don’t bother trying to get hold of one. There is a good discussion about Guzzi side stands here

Hello Redrusty18,

The Lechler paint web site has 12 pages of Guzzi paint codes with dates of introduction as far back as 1970. To access the site you need to register and use the Lechler explorer/ formula the manufacture will be Guzzi (Moto) and don’t specify a colour. Once I found a colour I spoke to Lechler coatings in Middlewich who can confirm if the colour is still available, worth a try.