paintwork cracking.

have owned my 1200 sport corsa for 21months. 9 months ago i noticed slight cracking to paintwork on fuel tank.since then it has got progressively worse and now it is getting like crazy paving.the dealer has blamed it on ethanol in fuel which seems a bit far fetched to me.then quoted me an extortionate figure for a new tank.interested to hear if any members have had similar problems with paintwork. the bike was first registered october 2012 so its not very old.will try to attach photos.

New guzzis eh…plastic tank…fit for purpose…?..I wonder…

Trading Standards?
Worth a punt.
Good luck

This is a known problem, and yes, ethanol is the culprit. It’s one of the reasons I shifted my Griso on. I believe the small blocks are now produced with steel tanks.
The tanks swell and distort, which leads to cracking of the paintwork. Repainting is not an option, the only cure is a new tank, which is supposed to be ethanol resistant, but I guess punters won’t find out if this is true till several years down the line.
Moral, don’t buy any bike with a plastic tank, the percentage of ethanol in fuel is only going to increase.

Had the same with my B11, ended up buying a second-hand but sound tank from Pete at Reboot, funnily the grey tank went OK with the black paintwork.

My 57 reg 1200 sport is still pristine. I do use only premium fuel in it to try to stave off this problem, but I have only had it 2 years and I don’t know what previous owners did.

I have seen plenty of older ones with ok looking fuel tanks so I don’t know why this one in particular has gone bad

yes i wonder?. i am quite disappointed with this issue i have contacted moto guzzi customer service but had no response as yet.

It does seem to be the luck of the draw, just like the cam follower issues on the 8v engines, some have no problems, others seem to cop for it. Maybe the tank suppliers changed the mix at some point.
The tank on my 07 Griso was pristine when I sold it, but a friend who owned a slightly younger but higher mileage Griso had major distortion of his tank, and was not happy.
Some say it’s leaving fuel sat in the tank for months on end during winter lay ups that makes matters worse.

Mine started after a trip to France, due to many garages being closed on Sunday you end up filling up with what you can get, which may involve lots of ethanol?