Pannier box fitment - bizarre arrangement

if you hit a car in traffic, no need to worry about giving the pannier a slap to release it…

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Bees wax as well can be used.

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I think if you are filtering through gaps where you have to worry about the panniers, maybe you could consider not filtering there? If the gap is that small there cannot be much space and therefore time to react to Wally moves?

Maybe the OP just not good at filtering?

I regularly filter with the panniers and they dont cause me any issues. If my handle bars can get through so can the rest.

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I’m sure you are right. It’s more about confidence than anything, I think.

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Before I knew better, I would go through the smallest gap. No room for error. Now I choose life, but still manage to have fun.

Silicone spray is the way to go.


Wow! You have a silicone spray gun mounted on your handlebars so you can spray the vehicles as you approach if the gap looks tight .
I like your style!
Please don’t ruin things now by saying you meant silicone helps get the panniers on and off .


I just love the idea of using silicone spray as an aid to filtering! Clearly you squeeze through tighter spaces than I do.

@tcb - welcome to the forum, and please don’t be offended that we’re having a giggle at your post - it’s just that the timing was perfect.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

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No worries. I guess we just need very large spray cans!