Performance Increase - V50

I am sure I read somewhere that V65 barrels could be put on a V50 to increase capacity and therefore performance. Having searched the net I have not been able to find the source of this. Am I dreaming or is it really a simple swap of barrels to get a bit more oomph out of the little V50?

Not alot you can do to get more from a V50 upgrade to Monza spec Tim Hicks is the guy to talk to his Monza is seriously quick…

Eddie Cox has gone down this route and produced a very nice Café racer.In red, the correct colour for a fast Italian.

Not sure but think Eddie swapped complete 650 engine onto the 500 frame and box

i had always figured loosing weight was the only way to get a sorted v50 going any faster

i stripped lots of mine and went on a diet.

i had mine dyno setup when i fitted k and n’sguzzi-t52013-10-24 11:23:57

As I said in the other thread, how do you fit a Dyno on a V50 II?

Dyno as in rolling road!

Took mine to a place in Evesham who ran it on their dyno and altered the jets and needles etc till they got the best out of it

Many moons ago I had a v50, lovely thing but needed more performance. Somebody gave me a pair of 32ml Amal mk 2’s. We fitted these and conducted lots of plug chops down the bypass to arrive at the correct jetting. I also lightened and polished the rocker arms.
Result was a V50 that would pull strongly and with ease to the redline in top gear. Unfortunately it would also freely rev into the red and because there was no option to raise the gearing it eventually cried enough down the aforementioned bypass and dropped a valve ! It had by this time done 26, 000 miles in 2 years, 15,000 on the big carbs.
Enter the Monza, which has much higher gearing, methinks in the gearbox, not the drivebox, but am not sure, worth a look maybe…


Eddie Cox has gone down this route and produced a very nice Café racer.In red, the correct colour for a fast Italian.[/QUOTE] he did the barrel swap? so it’s something you can do without any other modifications required?

quite a bit has come off mine or been swapped for lighter stuff, such as clip ons, headlight brackets and losing the centre stand for instance. hope it will make some difference.

I haven’t got this V50 for its performance and clearly don’t want to kill it either lol but was thinking if there was a cheap upgrade, such as bolting on V65 barrels, it would make sense to do it so long as the rest of the engine would hold together. Never thought about a complete V65 drivetrain into the V50 frame…presumably everything just lines up? hmmmm…

I know ex smoking biker has a V65 which I think he is breaking as the valves tend to let go, but contact him.