Perhaps be careful over bidding on eBay

Saw what looked like a bargain T4 California today with a mere 3 hours to go before auction ended. It had luggage and looked to be in exceptional condition with a few upgrades such as an extended sump and external oil filter. It did in fact look as if it had had a full restoration.
Bidding was sitting at £3.1k when I messaged the seller over his requirement of full payment prior to collection. Explained that I’d be travelling 400 odd miles to collect and had previously been scammed through a non existent vehicle that I’d left a deposit on and that I’d be willing to transfer the money on arrival without haggling,- but needing a face to face meeting to ensure I was at least getting something for my money.
Basically the chap (who was reluctant to give a name) or much else to encourage me, told me not bother bidding in order to save everyone’s time.
I do wonder if the winning bidder and seller are having some deep and meaningful discussions at the moment.
The bike (whether it exists or not) made 3.8k
Had the chap given me a name and a little more reassurance I’d have probably been willing to leave a deposit to show I was a genuine buyer .
As it was I took his advice and stayed clear.

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You’re right about caution on EBay.
In this case you missed a nice bike sadly. Saw the bike and happy owner last Sunday in Monyash for the three branch meeting.

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Well I’m glad it wasn’t a scam and the bike was as good as it looked.

well if some one is as pig ignorant as that to a person looking to purchase their motorcycle, its best to stay way from them, just because a motorcycle looks all shiny does not mean it is any good, I got so fed up with being messed around, and getting the first to see will buy treatment, and then when arriving, finding the various extras had all been removed, and were for sale by negotiation, that I went and purchased a brand new motorcycle
worked out cheaper in the long run

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To be fair the guy had probably experienced time wasters before and wasn’t willing to entertain a cautious Prospective buyer.
However, with a little more effort and reassurance he could’ve easily raised the bids on his sale.
I’ve previously been scammed in a very sophisticated way via EBay and this was ringing very similar alarm bells. I’ve seen that it’s possible to steal someone’s paperwork and identity, advertise something that’s not yours and use that false identity to open a bank account. Neither eBay, your bank or the beneficiary bank will refund your transfer. Take care out there.
Glad the buyer got a bargain, is happy with his purchase and that I was wrong :+1:t2:

I closed my Ebay account after 10 years, too many middle aged time wasters, buying stuff fiddling with it then returning it
however one thing i have learnt, is that if I dont like some body I do not do business with them
buying a new machine I visited 5 different dealers, not really looking for any one make, just a particular size of motorcycle, when I met Jim at Streffords I liked him straight away
paid cash there and then

I am the same in my business, I have along list of clients, and plenty of work, but there are some I walk away from