Petrol stain on near-side rocker cover...

Hi, been a while since I have posted here…this morning, as I opened the garage to get my V11 Breva out to go to work, a very strong smell of petrol hit me, and a small stain on the floor of petrol, under the near side cylinder head. The tank was filled up a couple of days ago, and the bike wasn’t used yesterday. As I wiped away the petrol from the cylinder head rocker cover, I noticed the brown paint has been discoloured, as if petrol has been leaking a long time, but this is the first time I have smelt/seen petrol. Anybody else had a petrol leak from under the tank?..its not leaking from the filler cap.

Hi Paul, nice to see you back.

I think there have been a few issues with the plastic tanks on these, although I have heard of more issues on the early V7 plastic tanks where there were several warranty claims. I think there have been cases of plastic becoming porous, and also the shape distorting. This may be to do with the ethanol in modern fuels, I always try to use the premium stuff partly for this reason as I understand it has less ethanol in.

Of course it could also be a component leak but important to be aware of the above possibilities.



If someone were to bring out a steel replacement for my lil’Breva petrol tank for reasonable money I would be interested.

HI Jim
Havent really been away, just I’ve had no problems till now!
I am hoping it to be a component problem, leaking pipe joint etc, just asking if anybody had issues with these in the past, before I remove the tank tonight, that’s if I don’t go up in flames on the way home later! :blush:

I have a pin prick hole on the underside of the tank, above the cylinder head, is this caused by the fuel? as there is nothing physical there to cause that. My Breva is a very early one (2005), does anybody know if there was a recall/ warranty claim for this?

Just had an email from Mike Edwards, Warranty Manager from Piaggio, who says the factory will not re-open the warranty on a bike this old. The warranty issue on the early V7, were for the Racer model, where the chrome would crack because the tank swelled.
So, I am buggered, no point in a new Breva tank, ( if you can still get them), as they will have the same issue, as per a 2nd hand one. So I will have to patch it up for now with tiger seal, and look around for someone to make a custom Ali tank, which will be expensive.
So, come winter, when I normally take it off the road, the tank will be drained completely, as I think if the fuel is left for a long time, that’s what causes the problem, ethanol will separate if left.

One on eBay right now. (?)


Yes, but, will it last?..I think there will be a lot more problems like mine, with any bike with “old” plastic tanks…look at any bike forums, Ducati, Aprillia, Triumph, all with plastic tanks, all have same issues,…more so with the increase in ethanol.

are you sure its the tank leaking ?
underneath the tank are two metal vents, they feed up through the tank into the filler cap
one is to allow fuel or water to drain away from the neck of the filler cap, the other is to let in in to allow the tank to breathe as the pump sucks fuel out
both of these pipes need blowing through occasionally, and the rubber pipes that run from them to behind the engine are prone to degrading with time, given the heat recently the fuel could have expanded and simply squirted out and run around the side of the tank, especially if its on the stand
I had both of my pipes replaced, along with the high pressure fuel lines as they recommend changing them at 10 years

When I MOT`d my bike, the tester had a Triumph in that he recently been purchased, middle aged owner who pottered to the shops occasionally, then sold it, the new owner rode up the motorway, got the thing hot and noticed a smell of fuel, so sensibly shut the engine off and had it recovered
all of the fuel pipes were split and leaking, bike about 12 years old but very low mileage

I have heard of people succesfully sealing a weeping tank with this product wiped over the pin hole …
Can’t say I have ever tried it myself but it’s a cheap fix at a fiver if it works

There be a hole in the tank, only a little one, but a hole nevertheless :frowning:

I have sealed it with “Tiger seal” this evening, re-fit tank tomorrow night.
Having had a good look and prod, the rest of the tank is ok, no evidence of softness or anything else, so, hopefully, not as bad as I first thought, panicking I suppose as I didn’t expect that. Time will tell.

Tank sealed ok, but, when I came to re-fit it, it seems to have “grown” a bit!, about 3mm, had to use a bottle jack to get the bolt to line up before it would go in. Before all this, the tank would go back easily, so the tank has swollen a bit. Anyway, the Big Breva rides again :smiley:

That is the other problem!