Petrol tap

Hello All,

Does anyone know where I could get a petrol tap in the UK for my Motoleggera? Not sure what the thread size is I presume it’s imperial.

Thanks in advance,


Nowhere as far as I know Martin. Look at my Who has a cardellino thread. Don has just posted the Best spare parts site for Motoleggeras. It is in Spain. will have them.

Or talk to me very nicely and I will drop into Valassis in Mandello tomorrow and get you one. You can pay me by Paypal. I just bought 2 wheel rims for my Cardellino for €45 each at Valassis and so I am really pleased. They Didnt have the tyres and so I went to Stucchis. They wanted €156 EACH for the tyres. I did ask them if they were insane. So I need 2 tyres 20x21/4. I think I can get 2 from Spain for the price of one at Stucchis. Still expensive but that cannot be helped.

PM me if you want be to get that tap for you.