Pillion pegs

I’ve got a set of Tarozzi rearsets on my bike & I want to fit a set of pillion pegs for the (very) rare occasions that I’ll carry a pillion. I would like to fit a nice lightweight set like these.
Trouble is I need something to mount them on. These pegs are designed for the norm nowadays, which is an ally footrest hangar/exhaust bracket.
The bolt hole in the rearsets is 10mm diameter & 25mm deep.
Anyone got any ideas.
Oh & I do know about the ones sold by Gutsibits part # ACA11636…Bit too pricey really.Grubby2013-12-17 20:23:47

How about a pair from an old Ducati? Not what you’re after cosmetically but if it’s only for occasional use might be OK. Try Mdina Italia - Andrew is pretty helpful

I’ve had enough & I’ve treated the beast to the real things.