Pin Stripes

Can anyone give me the dimensions for the width of the yellow/orange pin stripes on the tank and side panels,on a v50 Guzzi mk2
Many thanks in advance

I see this one has no response yet. My pal has a blue mk II still in its original livery. I can get dimensions from that but it won’t be for a week or two I’m afraid.

Yes ,that will be ok,no rush,
and thanks for your response,the bike when I got it, was painted white ,engine spayed gold,with hi rise handle bars! Glad to say all casings aqua blasted and painted Guzzi red and some satin black on the tank,got a guy who can make up the stripes ,but needs the widths.Other option is $90 from the States,plus the import tax…NO thanks

OK – Got round my pals last night and he’d even pulled his bike out from under its covers for me. Closest we could measure was that the orange stripe is 4.5 mm wide and the yellow stripe is 2.75 mm wide. Orange stripes position top and bottom with the yellow stripes inside of those. Hope that helps – I can do some pics for positioning if you need them.