points base plate retaining screw

Hi would anybody happen to know the thread and size of the above please checked over the ignitionsystem this morning and the screw is completely mangled and not listed on “Gutsibits” website
thanks Chris

A hint at the model of your bike would help with answering your question!

Good point!!!
67 V700 Ambassador

Looking at the parts book here, http://www.guzzitek.org/gb/parts_list_gb.htm it comes up with the part number as 95086108, but a google search suggests that is a shim.
Is the screw anything special? Can you get one of the old ones out and match it at a local nut and bolt stockist?
Otherwise, try Gutsibits
Edit, the part number is 12715446 It looks like a standard cheese head screw, work out the size and pitch, you should be able to get one quite easy

The little screw that secures the points-plate and condenser to the distributor body is 4 mm wide × 0.7 mm thread pitch × 8 mm long.

Gregory Bender is your friend… http://www.thisoldtractor.com/moto_guzzi_loopframe_distributor_points-plate_and_condenser_screw.html

Thanks for the replies, off to the nut and bolt stockist tomorrow
thanks again Chris