Polishing my new Griso

Ok, call me sad but I have just got my Griso and do like her to look her best. Now she is a 2009 bike and has the odd mark on the paint work, normally I would use a good resin polish but I have the SE which has a matt finish to the paint. is there anything out there for sale that I can use? Thanks Eddie.

Eddie Cox2012-08-15 20:46:18

a damp cloth - on 2nd thoughts I put “cleaning matt paint car” into google. There’s loads of ideas

If I remember it is a Matt and metallic I would contact Mal ilkinson at Bike Colours he advised me on the candy red for the V11 and was spot on helped no end when I thought I had really messed up the paint

They sell specialist polishes and protective finishes

015 two four double three 700 easy to call him

if i had a SE even i would keep it looking PURE CLASS