Pop and bang - T3

My 850-T3 Cali starts first time on the button and runs really sweetly. However, once warm, if I blip the throttle I get a pop noise from the exhaust.
Is it running too lean?
Timing is OK I believe and rocker clearances are dead on.
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An exhaust leak will also cause popping.

What’s the plug colour like?

Usually it is air getting into the zorst, likely candidate areas

  1. headers , tweak up the 13mm nuts, not too tight or the gasket crushes and does not do it’s job, whith practise you can feel the gasket and feel it just starting to compress.

When you (if you) had the headers off did you put the split rings back with the cut out facing inwards)

Next check each joint you can sometimes feel air escaping , careful of burning hands, I tend to spray on some WD40 onto a hot zorst you can see if it is releasing zorst gas right off.

I have found one of the nuts securing the exhaust to the engine was not fully tight. I will need to check out the bike now for popping before going in deeper.
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That reminds me have had header nuts loosen themselves, can get quite noisy as a consequence, put them on with spring washers ever since.

Good idea!
Plug colours are a nice coffee colour.
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The header nuts can work loose and so can the studs then you have the problem of the screw threads getting rattled and end up with a recoil (helicoil thing) jobbie, been there done that.

I used a fixative FOR exhaust studs then used schnoor washers under domed acorn nuts so they do not get crud in them. they have stayed on and are easy to undo.

As I said you get a nack for the head gaskets as well slowly tighten the nuts each one a bit 'till you feel the resistance then just a tad more and you get a nice seal AND enough pressure to stop the nuts comming undone. IT is also important for the split ring to be set correctly each side facing inwards I set mine at 4 and 7 on a clock facing in towards each other

Do you have a Guzziology torque value I should aim at?

There IS no tourque value bud it is by feel each side = get them so they nip up then loose off 1/4-1/2 turn … job done

OK, a job for Saturday morning. Do you do them up hot or cold?
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do them cold then when it gets hot it seals Gently does it and kinda a bit on each nut till you feeeel it . top tip worth having a set of spare zorst gaskets, so when you ever take off the zorsts you can pop them back. I have a few pairs with 2 Guzzis always worth having them around, as I use them I replace them.

Found that one of the studs was being drawn out of the head. Taken it all off and re-fitted the stud properly then put it all back. Hopefully it will be ok now.

yup they will do that

Just started the bike and have found I have a leak on the RH side so a strip down and new gasket is imminent.
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At least you found it, By gasket you mean the zorst gasket? If so check to see if a previous owner left one in there as well my T5 engine had an old one left in there they are difficult to see even with a powerful torch.

I have a slightly angled ( bent) flat blade screwdriver I use to get behind them and get them out being careful not to dig it into the alloy.

Nope, there was only one which has now been replaced but I am saving the safe-cracker level of torquing up until tomorrow evening as my missus called me in for dinner and I would be dead meat if I did not go in and carve immediatement!!!