Pre holiday checklist

Hi chaps, my long awaited holiday is soon to be apon me yay! Driveshaft stripped and lubed last winter, bike serviced inc new fuel lines filters fluids brakes cleaned fluids changed pads replaced. All bearings checked fronts changed cos they broke up,gulp. Injection system given a good dousing of stuff, new back tyre front may need replacing while away both slimed. Cables checked and lubed.
Have I missed anything?

Oh I just have to wire in the sat nav, present from her majesty.
Switched or battery?

dont forget a puncture kit

Mine is off the battery with an online fuse but I am going to change it this winter as the Garmin mount has two live pins that the sat nave connects with. There is a rubber cover but I am concerned about it shorting across either by accident or by yobs as it is still live when parked.

tyres have slime in them

I will have to root out my schematic, I believe there may be a spare switched live in that there spaghetti somewhere.