Problem - Not Starting!


I am sure this will have happened before and the answer will be somewhere on this forum (but I can’t find it)…!

My V7 II Special has suddenly failed to start.

Battery is fully charged and on turning the key everything lights up as expected - but on pressing the button, all I get is a loud clicking from down by the starter.

Can any one confirm what the problem is and what needs replacing?


Sounds like the starter solenoid.

Before you replace anything, try cleaning all of the contacts on the starter circuit, starter motor, solenoid, starter relay, fuse box and battery terminals. You would be surprised how a little dirt on the contacts makes a lot of difference! Best of luck :smiley:

Thanks both,

Can the starter solenoid be replaced separate from the starter, or is it all one unit?


Can’t see on my Nevada 'cos it’s hidden behind a cover but I’m pretty sure they’re replaceable as a stand-alone item. You may find it’s only dirty contacts within it as has been suggested above.

Hmm… Looking at Fowlers, I can’t seem to find the solenoid as a separate part…?


Jim, I would strongly suggest that you check and clean all of the contacts first. It is a usual Guzzi problem as the electrical starting load is high.

Thanks Chris,

Yes, I’ll be doing that in more detail at the weekend, before I decide if a part needs replacing.


On the earlier Tonti frame bikes the solenoid is detachable and sits piggyback on the starter motor but I’m not sure with the new V7 models if this is still the same. Someone on here will know! :smiley:

Yes I was basing my reply on my old T3, not yet had to look into the Nevada s/motor (fortunately). Simplest approach is to ring a spares outlet.

Imitation valeo starters are usually available on eBay from germany very cheaply, about £60.
Or it could be the old click no crank issue which is usually caused by poor connections in the loom, multi connectors, ignition switch etc.
This test is based on treatment for a big block older machine, but I would expect the basic principals to be similar. Assuming you can see the end of the solenoid where the wires connect, try shorting an open end spanner across the 2 large connections on the rear of the solenoid. It should create sparks and spin the motor over without engaging it. Then take a length of wire from the battery +ve and touch it onto the spade connector on top of the solenoid. That should spin the starter and engage it into the flywheel.

You say the battery is fully charged, but is it holding a charge ?

Have you tested or had the battery tested ?

How old is the battery ?

The weather is cold, and cold weather brings about the demise of a dodgy battery. In such circumstances my first port of call is always the battery.

You know, I have checked everything - good contacts, good earthing, etc., and despite a fully charged battery, it still won’t turn over the starter, although the solenoid engages properly. I then put jump leads across using my car, and it starts straight away.

So, my conclusion, unless anyone can see another option, is that the battery is buggered (that’s the technical term). This is despite the fact it is only just over a year old, and has had light use. However, I did accidently leave it outside not long after Christmas when disconnected from the bike, and it was cold and rained heavily - could that have damaged the battery in terms of being able to deliver amps to turn over the starter, even if fully charged?

If it is the battery I guess I’d better get a new one. The current one is a Motobatt MBTX12U, which was recommended to me, however I am aware of newer technologies, even if my current Yuasa charger may not be compatible.

So, recommendations would be appreciated!


Ask the supplier to test it for you. If it’s only 12 months old it should still be under warranty. Test under load should reveal its true condition, we’re just guessing otherwise.

I would seriously suspect the battery.
I had a Motobatt on my Kawasaki Versys that failed within 12 months and discovered that Motobatt had a manufacturing issue which meant lots were being returned. My supplier honoured my claim and supplied a different battery which works fine.

Interestingly I also have a Motobatt on my Yamaha Serow which is at least five years old and performs perfectly which is why I selected a Motobatt for the Kwacker.

I have had that issue with my Breva 750 - it’s very common, the 'click but no cranking’on them. It almost certainly won’t be the starter or the solenoid IMHO, based on my experience.
When I recommissioned the Breva after her being SORN’d since the end of 2019 (Covid 19 etc) a couple of weeks ago, the battery had died despite having been kept charged up over the lay off. Showed a voltage of about 10V, and wouldn’t charge. I used a spare car battery to turn her over and got her running, then ordered a new battery (Tayna as usual, an Exide). On fitting the fully charged up new battery, she started up right away, with none of the silly ‘Clicking’.
As a postscript, when I bought the bike around 2.5 years ago, I was told by the dealer (who shall remain nameless) that they had ‘fitted a new battery’ for me, but checking the date on the bottom of that battery (a Yuasa) when I removed it, it was already 2 years old at the point the seller fitted it.
Best to everyone