Quick and easy spacers

Here is a tip for making decent spacers for fitting luggage racks etc Use chrome plated central heating pipe the small bore is great for many applications easy ish to cut. I use a pipe cutter. Found out this after doing some refitting of the bathroom some yrs ago and had a short bit of pipe left, later needed some spacers for the luggage racking, presto, job done. guzzibear2013-07-16 11:36:17

Saves using the usual pile of washers, GB.G.

D’you know, I believe it makes handy guitar slides as well…

And tap washers are good too,

You would have to de burr it well as the inside edge is like a razor if you use a pipe cutter… Guess how I found that out!

Small variation on a theme, I’ve also done this using steel tubing from B&Q, the GP hardware stuff what you can get in metre lengths. Not chrome, but OK for the painted option. HTH