RaceCo modified Engine Rebuild/Referb

Hi All.

I am building a Café Racer by way of a 1979 Spada, it has an Engine that was modified by RaceCo about 25+ years ago.

The bike was started but never finished and now 25 years on it is in my stable to complete.

Although the engine if to be believed is brand new internally and never run following the RaceCo Build with Lightened flywheel and twin spark head being the obvious modifications! the exterior has degraded due to being sat in a damp Shed for 25 years, and indeed I would not want to start the engine now without it being stripped down and rebuilt, checked and indeed possibly having latest spec upgrades fitted!

My knowledge is somewhat limited in this respect so I am looking for a Guzzi Specialist Engine Builder to do the work and bring it up to an award winning standard.

Can anyone recommend such an engine builder that could carry out this work, preferably based in the South of England?

Thanks for any pointer …

Baldrick is in Leatherhead. GUZZI mechanic through and through.
07536 116176

Top man


The general Guzzi specialist like Baldick or Nigel at NBS are the main ones that come to mind to me.
Kate Bezus’s other half, Guy is pretty handy with a spanner to a Guzzi motor.