radial tyres for modern V7s

I’m used to having bikes with radial tyres and since getting my 2013 V7 Stone, I haven’t felt confident with the feel of the cross-ply tyres, or whatever they are called, that came with the bike from new (Pirelli Sport Demon). I put a Michelin Pilot Activ on the rear, which lasts longer, but gives less grip and a harsher ride.

I can’t seem to find any radials for these tyre sizes. The nearest pair I can find is a Bridgestone BT54, which says it is for ‘big bikes’, whatever that means, and would mean fitting a 110 on the front, rather than a 100, as currently.

Does anyone have any suggestions about possible radial options?

I don’t know if BT45’s are radial but they are fine on my 750 Breva

BT45’s work for me!

Actually, they work for me a little too well.

Oooh er…have we got a knee down specialist coming on the Sair Erse Trip!
I like the original Demons on the V7 Stone, however they don’t last. Looking at alternatives for '16 season. Carry on, I’ll listen in. :unamused:

Who’s that then? I could do with some pointers. My knee sliders are unscuffed.

Answering my own question - Contnental have the Road Attack 2 radials in the standard V7 sizes, so I think I’ll give them a try.