Re-commisioning advice pls - Jackal

I’m finally getting my Cali Jackal back on the road after a 4-year lay-up. I stripped the back end of the bike to remove surface rust and give everything a good clean-up, got off to a flying start - and then all sorts of other stuff got in the way. Anyway, I’ve started re-assembling stuff but I’d like some advice on the following aspects: Engine - should I be doing anything to lube the dry cylinder walls before first start-up? Fuel system - I removed and drained the tank and fuel pump when I started the job; is there anything I should be doing apart from re-connecting and re-filling? Fuse block/electrical connections - I’d thought of spraying everything with WD40 but would an electrical contact cleaner be better? Tyres - what’s the best reasonably-priced option for a ‘sport-cruiser’ nowadays? All help gratefully received! The bike has been stored in my dry though unheated detached garage by the way.

If it’s any help mine had not turned over for 8 years, until this year, a couple squirts of engine oil into each plug hole then let it soak in (leave overnight?) then turn it over by hand (alternator bolt). Then when it came to be able to actially start it, disable the ignition and turn it on the starter for a few seconds to pump up the oil pressure first, gets oil into all the galleries and bearings. HTH

Addendum ~ I presume this is injection, biggest problem I had was due to encrusted brown cack fall-out from the previous unleaded petrol, in the end had to replace all the jets to make sure the holes were the correct size.