Rear Bevel Drive on my 1982 Spada

Hi people, it’s my first time posting on the forum, never really used them before, so here we go. I own a rattly old Spada from 1982 and the rear bevel drive needs looking at. It had a leaky inner seal (the big one next to the wheel), which has been removed and between a friend and I (he knows far more about these things) we’ve come to the conclusion one of the bearings within the drive box is on it’s way out, there are some tight spots, quite a bit of backlash, but whether there is too much or not, I don’t know. I would like to have the box assessed by a specialist and if need be refurbished. Can anyone assist with this knowledge. I live in Whitstable Kent by the way.

Just seen this as it’s in an odd place. I expect you’re sorted by now, but if you are still pondering, take it along to Baldricks Workshop for sevice, or parcel it up and send it to Nigel at NBS


I will second that
both of them are top class guzzi engineers

I know Baldrick and have heard first rate reviews of his work.
Nigel at NBS rebuilt by lil’Breva bevel box for £135.00.
He also builds the Muzzi Racing special.
Either are good but NBS get my reco purely on knowledge personally of his work.