Rear Drive Ratios

Are any different ratios, apart from the standard 8/31, available for the V50’s. The 3.875 is too high as I could do with a better cruising speed. Lots of options for the 850 etc, but I can’t find any for the lightweights.

Sorry, am not much use…the Monza ran much higher gearing…dont know where they did it tho…some NTXs were lower geared…

all small block rear ends are the same ratio.

there are lots of options to swap the primary input ratio’s

dead easy to do , but make sure the input shaft matches your clutch plate, or budget to swap it.

Swapped a few our for members and results are excelent.

Thanks. I guessed there is only one ratio. Are other primary gears available as well as the two standard ones on the Monza and V50 (1.466 & 1.642)

there is a massive selection from the ultra low 12/24 = 2.00 through to 20.20 giving .909

pm me your email address and ill send you over a copy of the pdf

PM sent